Group VI, hound, bloodhound and related breed.

Section 3 Related breed.


The roots of the breed Rhodesian Ridgeback are dated from South Africa. Because of this, breed is also called: dogs on lions or African dogs. This breed was initially used for lion–hunting. Dogs didn’t attack their victim – they encircled it due to their suppleness, agility and stamina. Currently breed is considered as very quiet householders (they bark really rarely), perfect guards and family friends. Rhodesians are also perfect when it comes to jogging, coursing or agility.


Rhodesian should be well-built, agile, lasting and with balanced proportion. He should move with grace and lightness although muscular stature. It is said, that Rhodesians are typical redheads – model allows span of colors from bright to dark wheat. White markings on the chest are also allowed but only till the fingers-line. Model accepts also dark muzzle and ears. Distinctive feature for breed is symmetrical ridge of hairs growing in the opposite direction down the middle of the back. It is stripe, which begins between shoulder blades. It should have 3-5 cm width. Another stripes and considered as disqualification. Normal weight of Rhodesian bitch stands at 32-35 kg. When it comes to height – it is about 61-66 cm. Normal weight of Rhodesian dog stands at 35-40 kg. When it comes to height – it is about 63-67 cm.


Rhodesians are really intelligent, carrying and devoted. Distinctive feature is that they can adapt to new conditions really easily. Some raisers claim, that Rhodesian can be satisfied not only living in the villa with wonderful garden, but also living in a tent – the most important is to be close to the owner. They also have perfect sense of humor. Rhodesians are good flatmates, because they bark rarely and are not oppressive. They are perfect when it comes to cycling, walks, riding – they love moving. Rhodesians shouldn’t be kept in a stall or only for guard – they are happy only with their owner. They demand consistent leading. They are independent and have moodiness. Their owner should be determined but also understanding to manage to their proud, independent and at the same time sensitive character.


Rhodesians demand motion. If you want to leave them alone for 8 or more hours - you have to know: you sentence them to sadness and suffering. Moreover you sentence yourself to losses, damages and even your house’s devastation. Rhodesians love long walks, which recompenses their huge appetite. If they are loved, they are calm householders. When it comes to Rhodesian’s care – it is not demanding. It is enough to brush them regularly with a soft brush, clean ears and dock claws. Forget about clean clothes – Rhodesians leave their animal hair everywhere and it is really hard to remove.

Rhodesians need reasonable feeding – it is up to you which form you’ll choose. Barf or dry dog food – you have to read carefully composition and choose the best for our animal (when it comes to age, motion dose and health).