My name is Agnieszka Barczak – I am college graduate at PoznaƄ University of Life Sciences. My field of study was zootechnics at Faculty of Biology and Animal Breeding.

Animals are with me since childhood. As a little girl instead of playing dolls I was bringing home little animals. Starting from injured birds through homeless dogs, squirrels, hamsters, guinea pigs, parrots, iguana, turtle… but now my biggest love are dogs and horses. I might only dream about my only one committed quadruped, because I was aware of duty and how much time I should dedicate to this. Everything changed when I graduated and got married. My dreams came true when we moved out from flat to house with garden, just next to the forest. For a while we lived dreamily – in the middle of National Park of Wielkopolska, next to the forest and lakes. Far from rush and noise – we found here our place on the earth.

Because of our love for animals we quickly decided to have a dog. For a long time we were thinking of right breed for us – active people. We read many articles and books, visited many dog shows and decided that it must be Rhodesian Ridgeback.

… and one day she appeared in our live – Nutella – our dream about Rhodesian J

It is really hard to explain in a few words about happiness and warmth, which she brought in our live.

She smiles when she sees us, she knows if we are in good or bad mood, she goes crazy like hare out of doors, she races unimaginable fast, she kisses us when she knows she did something wrong J From the beginning we treated her like a member of our family – she was all the time with us – holidays, walks, trainings. We dedicated her time and we were really patient – she requited it every day.

Once, when I was little girl, I promised myself that one day I’ll create my own dog breeding. My priority will be to find my puppies new, responsible and loving families and my puppies will be for them the most important.

… and it happened.

In 2013 we created dog breeding, which arose from our love to breed, in which puppies are growing up in warm and family atmosphere. Our dogs are socialized from the beginning. They are waiting for new owners to give them as much happiness as our Nutella and her daughter Acana gave us.

We suport act: racial = lineage Rhodesian