Having a dog is huge happiness, pride and pleasure. If we manage to bring up our dog to be faithful friend, householder, companion to good and bad moments – he will let us discover life attractions, which we’ve never known. Once I’ve heard: “If you decide to buy a puppy – you buy clear piece of paper and it is up to you what you’d like to write on it”. We have to remember, that when we decide to buy a dog – we will have also sacrifices, expenses, duties and even destructions. It is clear, that dog is duty for the whole life. He is completely dependent on us and we are responsible for him from the beginning till the end.

Few words about puppies from our dog breeding…

We are small, family dog breeding, which works according to the rules of Polish Kennel Club. Our aim is mainly to bring forth healthy puppies and find them new, loving and responsible families. Our puppies have all needed inoculations, microchips and certificates, so you can develop them lineage. We sign documents with every dog owner – it depends on puppies (if they are destined for dog shows or not). We also give them layette and health certificate. From the beginning we give our puppies love, patience and time. We invest in their socialization. We prepare them to daily life in new families. We try to adapt them with new places, situations and sounds. In our house they have „dog pre-school”, which allows them to be self-confident in real life. Gradually, we increase number of incentives, because we want them to feel safe. Please don’t be surprised: if you decide to call us, probably we’ll ask you many questions – our priority is dog’s welfare. If you would like to take puppy from our dog breeding, we insist on keeping in contact. It will be easier for us to know, that our dog is in safe hands. Having a dog is serious decision, so if you’re not sure if you can provide him good conditions, security, time and sometimes expenses - it is better to resign due to yours and dog’s welfare.





I live in a flat. Is it good place for this breed? I wonder how much motion I have to provide?


Rhodesian is a breed, which adapt really fast to new conditions. He can live in a flat but also in villa with garden. For dog the most important is to be close to owner. But if you live with 3 children in a flat, which has 20 m2 – it is not good for him. Rhodesians demand motion. They’re happy, when they can run and romp. If you work for 8 hours every day, and during your work dog will be alone in empty flat – it is better to resign, because he will be lonely and sad.


How much does this dog cost? How expensive is his maintenance?


The price depends on dog breeding and its prestige, number of puppies and much more factors. Please don’t be surprised: if you call us and your first question is about the price, probably we’ll delude you– first we would like to know you and your expectations. Next step is to suggest the best puppy for you – that’s the moment when we can tell you something about the price. Moreover you have to know that good dog breedings appreciate their puppies, because they know how much money and time they had to spend. All tests, good dog food, medical care – this costs are extremely huge for raiser. We are members of Polish Kennel Club and we pay regularly fees, starts in dog shows, cards of litter, certificates, lineages and championships. We provide our dogs the best medical care.

If you’re still thinking about puppy for 1000zł – think about it one more time…

We can’t believe, that some people want to sell their dogs in extremely low prices and they don’t care about their health, life and safety.

Monthly maintenance depends only on you. You can choose dog food. It depends on you, if your dog will eat Barf or dry food. Currently you can choose many good dog food, but prices are very different. You have to think about other costs, for example vet’s visit.


I have children. Is it safe to have this dog breed at home?


If your children know how to treat animals well and love them – yes. If they don’t know this you can have problems. Rhodesians are huge dogs and they have threshold. I’m sure they will be perfect householders and friends for you and your children, but you have to respect and treat them well.

We will answer all your other questions by e-mail, telephone or personally, if you would like to come and see our dog breeding.